Hello, my name is Gabbie.

I'm a seventeen year old photographer, outreach director, and editorial contributor. I work with people + zines + brands + everything in between to create dynamic visual content. Born and raised (mostly) on the east coast of Canada, I moved to Toronto a year-and-a-half ago, and am finishing my diploma this spring then pursuing a BDes (hopefully in fashion communication!). I have been shooting for four years, and have been published in Lithium Magazine, Haloscope Magazine, and Pinstriped Zine. I have also served as a board executive and philanthropist in my hometown community, granting funds to support youth-run projects and facilitating community events.

When I'm not shooting, editing, or writing, I can probably be found on my third coffee of the day, flipping through an old issue of NYLON or Vogue, and crying over the demise of Polyvore. Among other things, I love: Fine Line, the ocean, that one TikTok video of that guy with the honey, learning art history, consuming copious amounts of pad Thai, and Mamma Mia (the first one, obviously).

In my work and life I prioritize open dialogue + transparency. I believe that discussion and collaboration are at the core of anything dynamic. I'm open to ideas of all kinds, at any time, so if you have a project in mind, or even just a moodboard and an idea, shoot me an e-mail and I'll get back to you ASAP!

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